Here goes nothin'.

I created a blog. I'm a blogger.


My name is Magdalyn. I'm a graphic designer in Raleigh with a very loud but wonderful boyfriend, a mega cute dog named Bocephus aka Bobo, a bunch of awesome friends for whom I love to cook, a great family 4 hours away in Charleston, and a passion for Fleetwood Mac. I have many leather bound clients and their projects smell of rich mahogany.

Here is where I'm going to be sharing some of the following:

  • my favorite work projects

  • design tips

  • thoughts on entrepreneur lyfe

  • guest contributor posts

  • recipes

  • lifestyle (because that's a word that's used now) stuff

  • DIY projects my super-duper handy boyfriend and I are working on

  • probably some dog pictures

  • a Mariah Carey playlist or two or seven

  • general good vibez that I hope y'all enjoy consuming.

Stay tuned, there are like forty-thousand Bob's Burgers gifs I plan on sharing.




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