Layered rugs?! I la-love it!

Soooooo my new place is alllll hardwood, which I love, but it can be a little austere. I have some old damaged rugs from past lives that I adore, but they look tattered as all hell and need a little love. I recently started looking into layering rugs and GIRL I AM INTO IT.

My boyfriend scoffed at me when I expressed my love of layered rugs to him, but after some visual aids, he got it. I think it's a love it or hate it look, but it can be done in a clean and classy way or a boho-chic

I particularly love the woven fiber ones used as a base.

Stay tuned for my personal version!! Since I'm not a bajillionaire, it may take a minute to get some rugs assembled, but I've heard rumor of a great place at the fair grounds in Raleigh that sells woven Mexican rugs on the cheap so I'mma check that out soon.

It's comin y'all!



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