My super good deviled eggs

Humble brag alert y'all: I make some DAMN good deviled eggs. They're always the first to go at a party, and people will stand around staring at the empty plate with a sadness in their eyes that hurts my heart and makes me wish I'd made two dozen more. Literally a vegetarian broke code to enjoy these bad boys last week and said it was super worth it.

So without further ado - here's how to make my famous bacon-jalapeño deviled eggs.



1 dozen eggs

1 lb bacon

1 fresh jalapeño

2 dollops Duke's mayo

1 squirt yellow mustard

1 garlic pickle + a lil pickle juice



Rendering bacon is one of life's simple joys. You're essentially making bacon bits at home, and it's super easy to do. Patience is the key. So get ya bacon (I use a whole pound because I like mine super-bacony, but that's just me.) and give it a rough chop. This is the most annoying part of the process because chopping raw bacon is f***ing impossible, but a v sharp knife will be your best friend.

Chop it up and place the bacon in a skillet on med / med-high heat. 

Your delicious bacon will start cooking and be very happy, as will everyone in your house because it is about to smell amazing for the next few hours. Rendering bacon takes a while, so busy yourself with the eggs while this cooks, giving it a stir every now and then and make sure it's not burning. If you're doing it right, your bacon will cook down and essentially fry itself in its own fat, and it'll start foaming like this. 

Once the foam dissipates and all the bacon is cooked down and its nice 'n crispy, drain the remaining fat, place the bacon on a paper towel and let it chill for a minute to soak up excess grease.

Give it another chop and set aside. Try (unsuccessfully) to keep people from eating it.


Working at Pitt St Pharmacy during my formative years gave me a good handle on how to boil & peel eggs. Miss Linda taught me this technique, and it has never failed me.

Get a pot of water with a dash of salt to a rolling boil and place the eggs in the water using a slotted spoon. Don't be a dingus and just drop them in because they will break and crack and you'll be sad. Let them roll around for about 12 minutes (longer if you're doing 2 dozen) and cut off the heat. Drain the hot water and shock those eggs with cold water and ice. This will make peeling them easy-peasy. Let them sit in the cold water for about 5-10 minutes and then start peeling.

I do this under lightly running water with the stream of water hitting riiiiiiiight where I'm breaking the egg. It'll make the shell slip right off, and your eggs will be perfectly peeled.


Once your eggs are boiled and peeled and your bacon is rendered, it's time to make the filling. Finely dice your jalapeño into tiny lil pieces and throw 'em into a mixing bowl.

(Sorry my friend Christina was Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween, and now I can't stop quoting pro wrestlers.)

Cut your eggs in half long-ways and pop out the yokes into your bowl. Make sure to cut them slowly to prevent ripping through the egg whites. Break up your egg yokes with a fork until they're nice and crumbly.

Add a couple dollops of Dukes mayo (this is a non-negotiable. Dukes forever and always), a squirt of yellow mustard, and a splash of pickle juice (I LOVE the Claussen's hearty garlic sammie slices for this recipe. Really elevates the flava.) Add ya bacon BUT save a lil bit (like a tiny handful) for the topping. Give it another chopping run to make it extra fine. I call this bacon dust. Chop up some pickle for the topping too.

Of course, this is all to your taste. Some people - aka idiots - don't like pickle juice or some shit like that, so do your thing here.  Or follow this.



Start scooping your filling mix into the eggs. If you're a good southern gal like me, you've got a deviled egg tray chillin somewhere in your kitchen.

Top 'em off with your bacon dust, pickle chunks, and a little dot of sriracha. This will make your flavor pop without adding too much heat. Eat one to check for deliciousness. Throw 'em in the fridge until you're ready to serve. 

Don't forget to lick the spoon. Or your fingers.

So?! How'd they turn out?? Lemme know!




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