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So I recently moved into the cutest lil house in a historic neighborhood in Raleigh, and I am so friggin' pumped to have a chance to get my house looking right. I moved from a tiiiiiiny lil spot to a bungalow-style house and every five seconds, I have a project for my boyfriend to build or something I wanna try design-wise.

Our most-pressing projects list:

PALLET FURNITURE - Outdoor furniture make from recycled pallets.

HANGING ROPE RACKS - my new place has closets the size of a mini-fridge, so we're making the tiny lil third bedroom into a dressing room with handing rope racks and a.......

GLAM STATION. YAS. Because the bathroom is small as well and every now and then, I like to take my time getting ready.

My honey-do list is a million miles long, but these are at the top and in progress. Keep checking back as we progress!

Holla balla!


#design #home #DIY

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