Making some merry mistletoe!

I LOVE mistletoe. Any excuse to smooch your boo is good in my book, so when my honey brought me a HUGE bunch of mistletoe he cut from a tree off the side of the road, I was thrilled! It's super easy to make your own bunch to hang above the door. With just a few materials, you too can be smoochin your boo all season long!


Be careful with mistletoe and don't leave any lingering around once you're done, it's VERY poisonous to cats and dogs. Keep the mammals safe and throw any excess out as soon as you're done with your craft. Special thanks to my dawg Caitlin for reminding me of this important fact!


Thin wire

About 3 ft. I used a 28 gauge galvanized wire.


Approximately 16 inches.




Again, duh.

Start by twistin' your mistletoe into a small bunch with your wire. I used about 3 sprigs per bunch to give it some volume. DON'T USE ALL THE WIRE. Just a couple wraps around to hold it together.

Next, take your ribbon and fold it into thirds (this is kinda funky, see how to fold your ribbon correctly in the image below) and pinch it in the middle to make a bow.

Once folded, place your bow on the front of your mistletoe bunch. Begin wrapping the bow tightly in place across in the middle like so! Give it 3 to 4 wraps in each diagonal direction.

Now to make the loop! Make sure you still have a couple inches of wire left after wrapping the ribbon in place, and in the back, make a small loop and twist the remaining wire around the bunch of mistletoe. Once your excess wire is wrapped, give your loop a few twists at the base of it to secure it in place.

Now give your ribbon a lil fluff for some volume. Pull the loops apart at the base and position the tails of the bow to your liking. Don't be afraid to give it a good pull, it'll only give it a nice, full loop on your ribbon.

Now hang that bad boy and get to smoochin'!

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