My name is Magdalyn, and I'm mostly

just trying to be Stevie Nicks when I grow up.


Outside of that, I'm also a graphic designer, artist, teacher, coding advocate for kids, and proficient napper.


Working out of Raleigh, NC and Charleston, SC, I've become involved in the tech startup scene and volunteer teaching kids coding programs.  I love creating branding, clever marketing, and specialty designs for companies of all sizes and have been known to emcee events and maybe over agressively challenge someone to a game of air hockey. I live for great design, and I am probably judging your font choice almost as hard as I am judging my own. 


Should I change this font? I should change this font.


Anyway. Do you have a project that needs some design magic? Do you want a badass art installation? Do you want to learn some design saavy? Maybe get some one-on-one time to get some advice on your branding or designs? I'm your girl. Give me a shout here.